Pink Couch

Why Pink Couch?

Three women.  Healthcare executives, mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, mentors, mentees, friends, truth slayers.  Either way, just another day of having real conversations about real topics. We know.  Everyone says that.  But, here’s the difference.  We go hard in the paint. Only this time we invite you into our world.  We dare you to laugh, cry, think, but most importantly, do something. 

Why Pink Couch?  Red Table was already taken.  Seriously though, some of our best, most authentic conversations happen with a glass of wine, with five, now four, of our girlfriends piled up on a comfy sofa. We are long on opinions, quick on wit, and short on patience for buffoonery, nonsense and non-badassery (if that’s not a word, it should be).

No topic is ever off the table, or shall we say, couch.  No one is safe.  We are a strong believer in your friends stab you in the front and, as such, bring on the knives.

We have lived.  We have a lot to say.  And we are betting there are women (and men too) who will be interested in our perspective.

The Pink Couch is a movement. Catch us when and where you can.

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