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Robin Glasco

Equal parts healthcare strategist, innovator, entrepreneur and homegirl. Just as important, she is a passport stamper, college football fanatic, a country music star (google me), and in some incredibly small circles known as DJ Notorious R.I.G.

She is bringing all of this to go after healthcare with wild abandon. After all, she is known as the god damn Olivia Pope of healthcare. If you’re down with the cause, consider yourself a fellow gladiator.

Ije-Enu Nwosu

Born in the UK. Raised in California. Daughter of Nigeria. Wife. Sister. Storyweaver. Truth teller. Love lover. Overall force of nature. Changing the game one voice and one reflection at a time.

As a global child, she knows representation matters and so does connection. Whether it's connecting people to people, purpose or causes, she is living her best life when she is working with others to unleash their super power and unapologetically live life to the fullest.

Kennedy Garcia

She doesn’t move based on feelings, She moves based on faith. She is THE Spiritual Boss Chick, transforming businesses and lives everyday while wearing a crown both figuratively and literally as Mrs. California USAA. Don’t let the smile and pageant wave fool you though, this Afro-Latina will snatch you up and get your whole life together if you stand in the way of her passion to leave a legacy of healthier and happier lives.